AEROSPACE | 18.08.2023

Today, we would like to draw your attention to the Super/Cougar Puma family member: The H225.

What makes this helicopter type so special? It’s a multi-mission performer, that’s for sure: humanitarian, firefighting, passenger transport, aerial work, SAR, medical evacuation (medevac).

No wonder that commercial operators and governmental agencies choose the H225 for missions around the world – even in the harshest conditions such as severe icing and challenging maritime environments. All in all: a true all-weather helicopter. There are 34 operating countries for missions around the world (20 countries for SAR) to date.

Facts and Figures

  • More than 5.8 million flight hours
  • Maximum range: 1,119 km (with extra fuel tanks)
  • Max. takeoff weight (MTOW): 11,160kg
  • Useful load: 5,488 kg
  • D-value: 19.50 m
  • Fast cruise speed: 261 km/h
  • Capacity: 1 or 2 pilots

Main characteristics

  • Carriage: 19 passengers or 28 in troop seating
  • Equipped with searchlights, radar, external loud speaker, automatic identification system (AIS), 6 stretchers and many more
  • Automatic collision avoidance procedure
  • Engine type 2x Safran Helicopter Engines Makila 2A1


  • Can take off in less than 5 minutes sequence
  • Precision and stability during transportation thanks to vehicle-monitoring-system (VMS)
  • Heavy lifting (up to 4.75 tonnes)
  • Precise hoisting and hover control
  • Operations with load in contact with the ground
  • Battles fires and transports firefighters to and from the scene
  • Low sound and vibration levels

There is also a military version of this twin-engine helicopters: H225M.

© Airbus, Foto: Christophe Guibbaud

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