AEROSPACE | 04.11.2023

Today, we represent the newest wide-body aircraft available on the aviation market: The A350

The airbus passenger aircraft at a glance – Facts & Figures

  • Aircraft versions: A350-900 & A350-1000
  • Range: 18,000 km
  • Capacity: 300 ─ 410 passengers
  • Seats: 47,4 cm (18.7 inches) economy seats in a 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 arrangement & 48,2 cm (19 inches) premium economy seats in a 9- or 10-abreast seating


• Lower noise, 25 % less fuel burn and CO2 emissions
• Improved working areas for flight crews
• Relaxing cabin

Did you know…?

• 1st A350 aircraft delivered in June 2018
• 500th delivery in September 2022

News from the Airbus A350 family

The manufacturer has recently upgraded the A350, meaning lower structural weight (1.2t weight reduction thanks to advanced materials), improved take-off performance, 3t MTOW increase and wider Airspace cabin (all classes) resulting in +30 seats. To sum up, our partner makes sure to create outstanding travel experiences for passengers.

Quelle: Airbus

© Airbus, Foto: James D. Morgan

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