Here you’ll find answers to questions that are frequently asked by applicants, employees and interested parties. If you have any further queries, please feel free to get in touch.

What is employee leasing?

“Employee leasing” refers to the temporary assignment of employees to a company hiring via a recruitment agency. This means that we conclude a (permanent) employment contract with you, but you are assigned to work for a client company. The Act on Temporary Agency Work (AÜG) governs your entitlement to significant employment conditions that apply to the permanent workforce, including pay (see German version section 8 AÜG).

Which professional fields does AERO cover?

We offer opportunities to enter and progress in the following fields:

For more information on job opportunities, requirements and vacancies, select the relevant field.

How much do people earn with AERO?

As an AERO employee, you’ll be remunerated based on the collective wage agreements that apply to our clients, including equal pay. This also includes special payments such as Christmas and vacation pay. You are also entitled to social security benefits, paid sick leave and vacation, and to be paid during periods when you are not on assignment.

Due to the variety of jobs on offer, we cannot provide precise salary details. Get in touch with the relevant contact for the job you’d like to apply for to obtain specific information on remuneration, taking into account your qualifications.

What is equal pay?

Equal pay is governed by the Act on Temporary Agency Work (AÜG) and obliges all temporary work agencies, in the spirit of the principle of equality, to pay a salary equivalent to that received by comparable permanent employees (see German version section 8 AÜG). We’ll be happy to personally explain the regulations that apply specifically to your client company.

How can I apply with AERO?

You can apply directly for a vacancy on our Job Board. You can upload your resume and references there – we don’t need a cover letter. You can also find our vacancies on external jobs portals, such as Indeed.

Alternatively, you can send us your speculative application via our website or by email.

How does the candidate selection process work?

Our HR experts compare your qualifications and salary expectations with the requirements of the relevant role(s). We’ll also check other vacancies for a perfect match with your profile and send you other job recommendations. You choose which of our clients’ roles we put you forward for. We’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve received an invitation to interview for you. With a little luck, you’ll soon start your dream job.

What happens when an assignment ends?

Before your current assignment draws to a close, we’ll discuss potential subsequent assignments in our customers’ organizations. Our HR experts will email you suggested vacancies, depending on your career expectations, and consult you regarding which roles you’d like to be put forward for. We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve received an invitation to interview for you. Ideally, you’ll start a new and exciting project straight away.

Is employee leasing the right choice if I’m looking to be recruited directly?

In principle, it’s possible to be hired by the client company directly if both sides are interested in making this happen. Even if you’re looking to be hired directly, employee leasing may offer you a few advantages (see next question).

What are the benefits of employee leasing?

Employment through a staffing solutions provider may have many benefits for you. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know about working with us:

  • You’ll send us your current resume and references one time only and we’ll send you a wide selection of job opportunities.
  • You get access to permanent employment and a workplace retirement scheme, and in the unlikely event you are not assigned to a company, you are entitled to the pay we agree with you.
  • According to the Act on Temporary Agency Work (AÜG), you are entitled to be paid the same as a comparable employee of the client company.
  • You benefit from our wide range of vacancies, allowing you to perform a variety of roles and responsibilities in different companies without being considered a “job hopper.”

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